Water treatment

Innovative water treatment solutions and technologies to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Water treatment

Active filters

Long Life 100

Anti-roasting, not acidic, molybdate-based. For winter and summer air conditioning thermal systems. Limits the formation of gases in the circuit.

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Long Life 710

Biocide - sanitizing for thermal systems under the floor.

For contaminated plants:

- Dose half a liter of product per 100 liters of water in the plant and refurbish with LL100 and LL710.

For new or decontaminated plants:

- Dose half a liter of product and leave it in the plant.

- An overdose does not cause any problems for the plant.

- For contaminated systems circulate for up to 24 hours with the boiler circulator.

- When you're done unloading the system and rinsing.

- For new or decontaminated plants, leave the product in the plant.

1 liter tank

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